Drew Torres. I am 22 and looking to start my life over again. I have made some mistakes (not that bad if I say so myself) but they got me back to Toronto.

I'm dating Bianca. Got it? She's mine. ;)



As many of you know Bianca and Drew have had a rough past. They have gone through some horrible times together. They have also gone through some really great times as well. Bianca had never been the type of person to put others before herself. When she arrived home from basic training for Christmas Drew had surprised her by proposing. She said “HELL YES!” to him. Not wanting to leave him once more she went AWALL from the Army. This caused a lot of issues causing her to do a little jail time. On August 21 2017 Drew and Bianca said their “I do’s.” And got married. Neither of them had wanted children but in the spring of 2019 on April fools day they welcomed their first born child into the world. A beautiful baby boy his name is Rayden Alexander Torres. They never once regretted having him. Infact being parents has made them both better people.Bianca went back to her job at the dance studio for awhile. Now a stay at home mom for Drew and her are expecting their second child any day now.They are currently residing in Toronto.